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Escapades of a Family in Mexico  



Five In The Bed

​Though, I do not remember the last time I found, those heart stopping crashes filling me with dread. In fact, I await that awesome awakening, announced by that terrific flash of light. The colossal power transmitted is quite the beauty to behold.

Yet, the force of will bouncing off of walls, can slam me down, can make me fall. Can make me bow in a dominated ball. With their strength, they stand magnificently tall. Their colossal power is quite the beauty to behold.

So, when a battle cry is given, and words with eyes they darken, clashes try to force out space, I should like to hold my state, until the work is done. For they are guarding their mighty hearts.

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Roll Over, Roll Over

Living in a family of five is an impressive strike on the senses. So much so that you may feel as if you are losing touch with them. Our quintet, I believe, is composed of gentle folk, gentle voices with formidable personalities. At any moment, one, two or even three of those voices will try and take the lead. Resulting in quite a performance. Reviews of which can vary greatly.

The intimate and joyful setting of one day can be the airless and restrictive environment of the next. Time and time again, the al fresco arena has proven itself to promote a harmonious and balanced collaboration. However, we are not a professional team of highly skilled voices, we are a family of two adults, two five-year-olds and a two-year-old. Household chores require attention, meals need to be prepared and then to be eaten. We need to spend a sizable portion of the day enclosed by walls, even though our spirits long to play outside.

It is inside our home that the demands of, "Roll Over!" are made and repeated. Whilst these exact words are not those used, "Roll Over! ROLL OVER!" is exactly what is meant.

With five in the house, three little ones so close in age, the vying for space and attention is almost relentless. As voices clash, volumes hike. With testosterone surges, the young bulls lock horns. When nimble fingers fashion ideas that clumsy excited hands crush, hearts become heavy. Space is demanded. Space is demanded!

Silence! Move back! Separate! No! Stop! Go!

Five pairs of feet, fifteen pairs of shoes. Where do they go? Where is the room?

Like thunder and lightning, very, very frightening.