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Escapades of a Family in Mexico  



Five In The Bed

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​For me, these days are One.

Yesterday, as birthday celebrations in Mexico were concluding, India was waking up to Today.

​Today, eight years ago, Rodney and I found ourselves in a humble and beautiful Gurdwara, in the remote ghost town of Lakhput, India. We had travelled to that spot on a whim and what happened there was unforseen. In that temple, we accepted from a young Sikh priest, blessings on our life together as wife and husband.

Today, ten years ago, Rodney and I first happened upon each other. We met in the romantic setting of Plaza Principal in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We then hastily went our separate ways. Each having discovered that the other was from England. He was not talking to the sassy Latina he thought he had approached. And I (hardly into the second week of my planned five month stay) was completely unenthused talking to an Englishman, in those initial, sirenic days. In the months that followed, we barely exercised enough energy to nod our heads in acknowledgement, as our paths crossed in our otherwise idyllic backdrop.


Yesterday, marked our fifth anniversary as parents. Our firstborn turned five. And so did his brother.