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My Mantra

Do you have a 'Mantra'? Mine was gifted to me on the night of January the first, this year. I couldn't tell you much else about that day unless I scrolled down my social media or flicked to the photos that surely exist to document it. I can, however, tell you the story of how my mantra was presented to me.

For months and months, Rollo had shown an interest in occasionally picking out my clothes for the day, or combing and styling my hair (sometimes with self-made accessories). Actually, today, I was required to 'ponytail up' with an elastic hairband he had veiled using a red and silver tinsled pipe-cleaner. I'm still wearing it as I write. He styles me in a very calm manner. There appears to be no excitement in his requests. On the first night of the this year, Rollo picked out the dress he wanted me to wear the next day. He asked that I take it off the hanger and lay it out on a chair ready for the morning. I was busy with Siahni, so replied that I would just remember in the morning which one he selected. Surprisingly, he accepted this, but added, "Keep the dress in the corner of your dreams."

I fell in love with what he had said, immediately. His words made me close my eyes in awe and I let that moment wash over me. That one sentence held such depth for me, so it became my mantra for the year ahead...

Carry the vision of what you want to transpire with you, at all times, even when you are sleeping. Choose to have a Happy New Year.

I share this mantra with you five weeks later. So far, it has served me well.

"Keep The Dress In The Corner Of Your Dreams."