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Love Triangle

I am in a love triangle.
I am not one of the points in that triangle.
I am literally ‘in’ that triangle.
I am '’.

Walking the perimeter.
Moving from one point to the other.
Sometimes from A to B to C.
Other times from B to A to C.
But more often than not, the sequence is irregular, from A to C and back to A again, to then go to B, back to A, and on to C.

The number of movements M makes between points, per day, varies daily. Therefore the combinations are infinite.

The velocity of each movement is dependent on x, y and z. All are unknown factors, that become known, once the combination of varying values and differing forces that make them are set.

The distance between each point fluctuates. Therefore the time taken to travel between points is difficult to calculate.

This love triangle is a remarkably interesting subject to examine.

It is fluid.

It’s angles morphing constantly at a rate of speed that ranges from 1 to 100 c/t.

Whether isosceles or scalene, acute, right or obtuse, it’s frame cannot be predicted. Two acute angles plus one obtuse, or one, two, three acute, it’s form is always strong.

It has been noted that point A pushes to form a right angle with greater frequency than either point B or point C.

Point B forms extreme angles with regularity, exceptionally acute or excessively obtuse. This behavior is not mirrored by either point A or point B.

Leaning towards creating acute angles, point C is testing perimeters. It's distance from is usually shorter than those of points A and B.

In addition, the position of M in relation to the position of any named point, is also a factor when angles are formed and distances constructed.

What is constant, point A is always connected to points B and C, point B is always connected to points A and C, and therefore point C is always connected to points A and B.

What this triangle never is, is equilateral.