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Escapades of a Family in Mexico  



Five In The Bed

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Nice shot!

Rodney has always been very quick to offer his services as family photographer to others about to be on the wrong side of the picture. The smiles that that act of thoughtfulness produces really makes the picture perfect.

So, we resolve to not be shy in asking a friendly face with a steady hand to do the honours. Might that person be you?

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In a moment of bizzare thought, we even tried having another person stand in as the fifth family member. Unfortunately, this only caused confusion amongst our impressionables.

​I will admit, there are far more photos of mama with the brood, than there are of papa and his offspring. Estimated to be at a ratio of 4:1.

Those that feature me are so very similar to each other, as I simply shuffle the kids together and shout, ​"Take a picture!", to then close my mouth quick enough to smile.

There are an abundance of 'four in the photo' shots to choose from. Those that feature Rodney with our trio appear more organic in composition, since I just snap away as soon as they all herd close enough to frame up. 

This explains why I had to resort to inserting representations of 'us' in the form of handprints and five pairs of feet.

​Four In The Photo

Whilst selecting images for the first post, 'Five In The Bed', it struck me how few photos of the five of us there actually are. Of course, I have always been aware that it is rare to see a complete family portrait. When we stay up past our 'sensible' bedtime hour to nostalgically browse through a collection of unedited digital snaps, Rodney and I vow to create more opportunities to capture these fleeting moments. But really? We have too few. And to have all five of us looking towards the camera lens at the same time? Well...​​