Escapades of a Family in Mexico  



Five In The Bed

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A quote from Act II 
"I want 'Doom and Gloom'!" 

​Who utters these​ fierce words?​​​


Aged 4y2m (270314)

Kirpa asked if he had grown taller in his sleep. I said that he had, but even when he's taller than me he will still be my baby. "Are you still a baby, Mummy?"

"Yes, I'm my Mummy's baby."

"No. You are not a baby, you are a heart."

However, it is what he said the very next day that I wanted to share. It was just three days after I had heard that my Big Mum (my Mum's mum), who was very dear to me, had passed away.  The boys were at home as it was a teachers training day. We were decorating eggs, just simply with felt tips. After the zig-zags and the dots, I revealed I was going to write a message on mine. "What should I write?" I questioned aloud, mostly to myself.

"Write a message to your Big Mum!"

I paused, kissed him and did exactly that.

Aged 4y3m (070514)

Me: "Kirpa, you have a lovely face."
Kirpa: "I have lovely ideas too!"

​Aged 4y4m (010614)

Kirpa, having sipped on some water just before bed, "Love is like water. It's soft and it keeps you alive." 

Aged 4y9m (311014)

We were out later than usual, and around 8 o'clock I had to cut Rollo off from something he was about to say. When I got back to him, perhaps only a minute later, he said that he had forgotten what he wanted to say. Kirpa (the chatterbox of the family) pipes up: "Rollo, that happens to me sometimes, so I just say something else." That one sentence from Kirpa explains a lot!

Aged 4y11m (230115)

"We've just got our first birthday present, it's early and it's opening up in front of my eyes!" On our way to the supermarket, Kirpa was gazing upon the glorious sunset set amidst the darkening clouds. 


Aged 1y10m (111214)

Just before her nap, Siahni joined her hands together to form a plate, placed it under my left boob and says, "Aww, pretty." The sweetest compliment I've had on my body.

Aged 1y10m (130115)

“Origami!” Siahni offers excitedly as she crumples up a piece of paper.

Aged 1y10m (200115)

Siahni has swapped her, "Help me," for "Helping me." I have not corrected her. I'll miss it when it's gone.

​Her character is about to dazzle us with all she wants to say. I, for one, can't wait to be charmed by her delivery.

My little ones. They are sages. They are philosophers of the heart. They are humourists extraordinaire. I just hope that I can play my supporting role, as guide, as advocate, as audience, earnestly, with warmth and with zest.​​

​​​​Aged 4y5m (170714)

Possibly the best piece of Spanglish I am ever likely to hear (of). Unfortunately, I missed it, this was retold to me by Rodney.

Rollo, "That's where the nadas live." Rodney, obviously a bit confused, so Rollo clarifies, "The nones (nuns), I like to call them nadas."

Aged 4y7m (100914)

Having read an article on asking young children about their school day to produce longer answers, I questioned with excitement. The funniest 'long answer' I heard was from Rollo. "My english teachers use 'A's for everything." I couldn't work out what he meant, so asked if he could tell me how. "They say 'Cercal'." Both Kirpa and Rollo proceeded to repeat whilst dancing, "cercal, cercal..." I realised they were trying to imitate the accents north of the border... they were saying "circle!"

Aged 4y10m (011114)

The boys have been interested in driving terminology lately... "indicating", "breaking", but it is "overtaking" they get most excited about, often making requests to overtake one vehicle or another. Rollo asked, "When can we overtake the moon?" As much as I adore the moon, in that moment, he had indeed overtaken it.

​I have found that to recount Rollo's words feels effortless. That is because Kirpa loves to talk to me of love, and his sweetest words are often quite personal.

Aged 3y5m (170713) 
After a very charming, but now forgotten moment, I exhale, "Kirpa, why do I love you so much."

Unexpectedly, he replies, offering,"Because that's your favourite thing. Loving."​​

And The Little One Said  

(Part I)

Just wait until you read the things my little ones have said. They are sages. They are philosophers of the heart. They are humourists extraordinaire. They are exactly as I stage them, since here, I may pick and choose their lines. Dress them up and light them well. So, please, without any further ado, allow me to draw back the curtains and present to you, 'The Little Ones Said', Act I.

Aged 4y1m (070314)

Rollo, replying to me telling him that the disposable plastic cup he had crushed was sharp now and had to be thrown away, says, "Is it sharper than you, Mummy?"

"It's not sharper than you, my darling," I returned.

Aged 4y1m (160314)

In the car around 7pm, the full moon in sight. The radio was playing one song and I was singing another to Siahni.

Rollo, "What are you singing, Mummy?"

I ask Rodney to turn the radio off and sing louder so that Rollo can hear..."By the light, of the silvery moon..." I improvise further lyrics.

Rollo listens for a few lines, then...

"Mummy, can you turn the radio back on?"

'Spanglish' has become a character on our stage. Though a minor one, it's appearances sometimes steal the spotlight.

Aged 4y1m (210314)

"I'm collecting primavera (spring)," Rollo delights, as he gathers Jacaranda petals.​​

​and beyond